Inappropriate Dress

These are examples of dress that will not be permitted.


  Even James Bond will have to tie his bow and check his guns at the door. Discreet slits below the knee are allowed.  This tasteless atrocity is not.
  Oh dear!  Where to begin!  This embarrassing example of "creative black tie" with mismatched velvet jacket over dress trousers is further destroyed by the garish red plaid bow and pocket square and the oversized boutonniere.  Do you not have a mirror, sir?
  Cute dress.  Alas, the ballerina length skirt is just too short.  The skirt must cover the ankles all the way around.                
  We can only chuckle at what passes for "cool" at the senior Prom.  This tasteless nonsense makes even teens look ridiculous.  More to the point, it violates nearly every guideline in the Waltz Club Dress Code.  Need we mention how impractical it is to dance in that skirt or those shoes?