1. PURPOSE.   The purpose of these By-Laws is to provide guidelines for the day-to-day operation of the Waltz Club and not to replace nor negate the Broadmoor Waltz Club Constitution.  These By-Laws may be changed as is deemed necessary at a meeting of the Board of Directors after written notification has been sent to each of the members of the Board.  Attendance of five of the seven board member couples shall be necessary to consider such changes.  One member of a board member couple in attendance will be considered as a couple with proxy voting privilege.  A copy of the By-Laws will be provided to all members.

  3. DRESS CODE.  Waltz Club events are traditional “black tie.”  Gentlemen wear tuxedos.  A summer-weight white dinner jacket may be substituted for the first and last dances of the season.  Ladies wear “full-length” ball gowns.  Members are required to preserve the elegance of club events by observing the dress code recommendations.

  5. GUESTS.  Members are welcome and encouraged to bring guests.  The same guest may attend one event per season. In addition, any guests joining us for our Christmas dinner are invited to the Christmas Ball regardless of other dances attended.  There is no charge for prospective members, but they are also restricted to one free dance.  Non-dancing guests of members may attend for no charge.  Guests who will be dancing will be charged $50 for each ball attended.  Sponsors will be responsible to see that dancing guests adhere to the dress code as noted in section 2, and that the dance charge is paid.

Waltz Club members may bring dependent children aged 12 to 18 as “youth” guests.  Youth guests who dance may attend one ball free and thereafter will be charged $15 for each ball attended.  Youth guests are expected to adhere to the same guidelines of dress and decorum as adult members.


  1. MEMBERSHIP.  Proposed members are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and availability of membership.  Membership total is limited due to space.  The membership limit shall be established at the beginning of each season.

Any member wishing to appear before the Board of Directors may do so by contacting any of the elected officers or board members.  A meeting will be scheduled that is convenient in time and place for all concerned.

Complaints dealing with the operation and general conduct of the Waltz Club will be addressed by the full Board of Directors.  All complaints, suggestions, and inquiries must be made in writing and signed by the member or members making them.

  1. MEMBERSHIP DUES.  Membership dues for the new season will be decided by the Waltz Club Board of Directors by a majority vote.  Operating costs will be the deciding factor in the cost of membership.  A quorum will constitute a meeting.  All dues are payable by October 1 of the season, and a late charge of 10% of the dues will be charged after October 1.  Payments made by members for reservations to the Christmas Dinner are refundable in full up to 72 hours before the event is scheduled.

Full annual dues will be charged for anyone joining up through the Christmas dance.  Those joining after the Christmas dance will be assessed one-half of the annual dues.

In recognition of her long and outstanding service to the Broadmoor Waltz Club Elaine Fast shall have a free life-time membership.

  1. GUIDELINES ON CONDUCT.  All members will conduct themselves in a decorous manner at all functions.  Behavior unbecoming to the ladies and gentlemen of the Broadmoor Waltz Club will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  Action taken will depend on the gravity of the offense.  Serious offenses such as inebriation, loud, foul language and physical violence are offenses that could call for expulsion from the Club.  Lesser offenses could receive reprimands.  All such cases shall be reviewed by the full Board of Directors.  Those expelled will receive no refunds.


  1. BROADMOOR HOTEL.  All arrangements with the Broadmoor Hotel will be made by the Waltz Club Board of Directors or those so delegated by the officers of the Board to represent them.  No member or other person shall have the right or authority to represent themselves as having such authority to act on behalf of the Waltz Club, to complain, negotiate or seek changes that concern the Waltz Club and their dealings with and relationship with the Broadmoor hotel.



Liability of Directors and Officers:  Neither the directors, officers nor any persons acting on their behalf (other than independent contractors), shall be liable for any damages to any person or entity by reason of any action, failure to act or any other circumstances taken as, or on behalf of , an officer or director of the Broadmoor Waltz Club.  The prior sentence shall not apply where such acts are done in bad faith and with malice.  The Broadmoor Waltz Club shall indemnify and hold harmless its officers, directors and employees, if any, while serving the Broadmoor Waltz Club in those capacities, unless such acts are done in bad faith and with malice. 

The Board of directors shall manage the affairs of the Broadmoor Waltz Club.

    1. Un-expired Terms.  In the event of the death, resignation or removal of a director, their successor shall be selected by the remainder of the Board of Directors and shall serve for the remainder of the term of their predecessor, in which case Article III entitled “The Board” in the Constitution, the section stipulating that they cannot be re-elected for a period of one year shall not apply.
    2. Compensation.  No director shall receive compensation for any services rendered.  However, services contracted for by the Board of Directors may be compensated.
    3. Current Membership.  All directors are expected to be members in good standing of “the Club.”  If any director fails to renew their membership by October 1, their position on the board shall be vacated.  The directors shall select a successor to serve the remaining term of the vacated position.  If the position is held by the new director for one or less years, Article III of the Constitution shall not apply.

CHAIRMAN:  The chairman shall have general supervision over all affairs of the Club, and shall preside at all meetings of the board or Club.  The chairman shall call board meetings as needed to conduct the affairs of the Club and handle business matters.  The Chairman shall call a board meeting immediately after the selection of the new board members at the end of each season, including both new and outgoing board members.  At this meeting, the officers for the new season shall be selected from the new board and take office.

Should the Chairman not call a meeting deemed necessary by the remaining board members, a meeting may be called by any two couples by mailing a notice to all board members at least five days in advance of the proposed meeting date.

The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of standing and special committees and shall cast a deciding vote in case of a tie in any committee vote, or vote of the general membership.  The Chairman shall appoint a committee, not later than the next to last dance of the winter season to nominate new board member couples.  Nominations may also be made from the floor if the couples nominated have consented to serve.  The Chairman shall sign all contracts authorized by the Board and perform any special duties the Board or membership may designate.  The Chairman shall also contract for suitable music and arrange with the Broadmoor hotel and establish dates for dances during the coming season.

VICE CHAIRMAN:  The Vice Chairman, in the absence of the Chairman or in case of death, resignation or inability to act, shall perform all of the Chairman’s duties.  In the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, a Chairman pro-tem may be selected by the Board with all duties and power of the Chairmen.  The Vice Chairman shall also be in charge of the arrangements for the Christmas Dinner Dance.

SECRETARY:  The Secretary shall keep the minutes and records of all meetings of the club and board.  They shall keep a complete list of all members and their addresses and notify the members of their election to the membership.  They shall issue all notices and perform all duties as designated by the Board.  In the absence of the Secretary, an Assistant Secretary may be appointed by the Chairman.

TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall collect all membership fees and other moneys, hold all funds for the club, depositing same as directed by the Board.  All checks shall be signed by the Chairman or the Treasurer.  A financial report shall be prepared by the Chairman and the Treasurer and presented to the Board for approval at the end of each dance season.  Records shall be maintained subject to inspection at any time by an audit committee appointed by the board or the Chairman.

REMAINING BOARD MEMBERS:  The remaining board members shall be in charge of standing committees.  Standing committees shall be: Membership, Publicity, Historian, and other duties designated from time to time as needed.  The entire Board at all times shall oversee the general conduct of the membership, the condition of the dance floor, and assist wherever needed in the operation of the Broadmoor Waltz Club.