Welcome to the official web site of the Historic Broadmoor Waltz Club.

This is your source for public information regarding the historic Broadmoor Waltz Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We are currently in our 81st continuous season and are America's oldest traditional dance club.

See the SCHEDULE page for information on ball dates and dance lessons.

Officers for the 2017-2018 season:
     Chair: Newman and Bonny McAllister
     Vice-chair: Bill Donaldson and Nancy Domagala
     Treasurer: Jerry and Bonnie Fogltance
     Secretary: Jeffrey and Dayna Bird
     Membership: Matt and Tami Ogren
     Historian: Doug and Veronica Eberhart
     Publicity: Walter and Micala Goerke

NOTICE:  Our subscription service for email distribution to the general public has been discontinued.  The BWC continues to maintain email distribution of notices for members.  If you are a member and have provided your email address to the membership chair, you will receive notices of interest to the club.    Click here to visit us on Facebook
Directions to The Broadmoor