About the Broadmoor Waltz Club

The Historic Broadmoor Waltz Club was founded in 1937 and is the oldest active traditional waltz club in the United States. The Club dances six times per year in the magnificent grand ballroom of The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, accompanied by a live Waltz Club Orchestra.

The couples dance twelve different figured waltzes, in the round. In a world that has little time to revere the beauty of formal dancing, these enchanted evenings recall a more elegant age of leisure, grace and charm.

Board of Directors:

     Chair: Newman and Bonny McAllister
     Vice-chair: Bill Donaldson and Nancy Domagala
     Treasurer: Jerry and Bonnie Fogltance
     Secretary: Jeffrey and Dayna Bird
     Membership: Matt and Tami Ogren
     Historian: Doug and Veronica Eberhart
     Publicity: Walter and Micala Goerke

A History of the Broadmoor Waltz Club by Dr Robert M Baker, 1994, and revised by Evy Jones, 2011